Moderate Party


The Moderate Party of Rhode Island is one of three official contemporary political parties in the State of Rhode Island alongside the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. The Moderate Party of Rhode Island gained official party status and ballot access via a federal lawsuit  and the gathering of 34,000 signatures on August 18th, 2009.

The Moderate Party of Rhode Island states that its mission is “to recruit, support, and elect candidates that will govern by building consensus around smart, pragmatic, common-sense policies which will address the structural deficits currently plaguing Rhode Island’s economic, educational, ethical and environmental systems".

The Moderate Party will field candidates for various state offices in the 2010 elections. The current chairman, Mr. Kenneth Block, has stated that the party’s primary focus will be the General Assembly, however, the possibility of a candidate for governor and other state offices is likely.

The platform of the Moderate Party is considered centrist and focuses on what the party has coined “The 4 E's” consisting of the economy, ethics, education, and the environment.


Popular Legislation

Rhode Island (change)

Gov. Lincoln Chafee, the first independent in his position, has his work cut out for him: fix the state's finances and help 66,000 unemployed Rhode Islanders get back to work.
Offices & Officials

Governor: Lincoln Chafee
Lieutenant Governor: Elizabeth Roberts
Attorney General: Peter Kilmartin
State Treasurer: Gina Raimondo
Secretary of State: Ralph Mollis